Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is critical to help achieve global targets for carbon reduction and mitigate the impact of climate change.

Technologies such as solar, wind and hydro – together with utility scale battery energy storage, which helps to store energy from renewable sources and provide flexibility across the grid – are pollution free and emit no greenhouse gases. They reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and fuel imports, supplying flexible, carbon-free and cost-efficient electricity to the grid. Crucially, energy storage systems increasingly enable solar power to be used when it is not sunny and wind power to be used when it is not windy.

In 2019, 26.5% of all electricity produced in the UK was from wind, solar and hydro, according to National Grid. The combined total for all zero carbon technologies (including nuclear, biomass and waste) was 51.5% – the first time since the Industrial Revolution that zero carbon electricity overtook fossil fuels, such as coal and gas.

These technologies are key to our future energy supply and supported by national energy policy. If we are to achieve our carbon reduction targets in the UK and worldwide, it is important that more energy is sourced from renewable sources such as wind and solar.

You can find more information about solar farms from The Solar Trade Association.