Harmony Energy is preparing a planning application to Perth and Kinross Council to build a battery energy storage system (BESS) on a land 100 metres north-east of Jamesfield Organic Centre, Newburgh.

We held two online consultation events to present the project to the local community. The first public webinar was held via Zoom on Thursday 10th February. The second was scheduled for Thursday 10th March but due to a technical issue this could not go ahead and was rescheduled for Wesdnesday 23rd March.

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About the site

The Jamesfield battery project initially obtained planning consent in 2017, followed by a second consent in 2019 to extend the scheme. This new planning application seeks to change the layout of the plant in order to adapt it to the latest battery technology upgrades. For the same energy capacity, this new layout is smaller than the one previously consented. The batteries proposed will be more efficient and last longer.

PDFs of the proposed layout at different scales can be downloaded here:

Site location planRural location plan General arrangement plan / Proposed layout

The site is a 0.5 hectare area of agricultural land on Jamesfield Farm, situated to the north-east of the Jamesfield Organic Centre. It will be accessed via the Organic Centre’s existing parking and an existing agricultural access track that will be upgraded.

About the technology

Our proposal includes the installation 26 Tesla Megapacks and all ancillary electrical equipment (medium voltage transformers, switchgears, cables etc) in order to sustain a power capacity of 49MW with two hour duration (49MW/98MWh).

The Megapack is the most advanced large scale energy storage technology produced by Tesla. It relies on lithium-ion battery cells, similar to the ones that can be found in electric vehicles, but also includes bi-directional inverters, a thermal management system, an AC main breaker and controls. Every Megapack will arrive on site pre-assembled and pre-tested from Tesla’s Gigafactory.

Through vertical integration, Megapack is designed and manufactured with safety built directly into the product. Systems include an integrated liquid cooling and heating system for thermal safety, as well as enhanced reliability and performance.

Tesla Megapack battery

About the development

Renewable energy is critical to ensure the future security of the UK’s energy supply, whilst helping to meet global targets to reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate climate change. We all have a duty to help combat climate change, and with your support, this scheme will contribute to the provision of clean, renewable energy in the local area.

The Jamesfield battery system, when fully charged, will be able to generate 49MW of power with a two hour duration, which will feed into the local electricity network to supply the equivalent of over 10,000 homes. The battery will be mostly charging at times of high wind electricity generation and discharging when the electricity consumption is high or when the wind generation is low, therefore replacing fossil fuel based electricity generation. The battery system will also contribute to the grid stability by providing ‘frequency response services’ that enable the share of thermal power plants in the electricity mix to be reduced.

The scheme will consist of 26 Tesla Megapacks installed on a compound area of approximately 0.5ha with associated electrical equipment and will connect to the electricity grid at SSE’s Abernethy 33kV substation adjacent to the site. The compound will be surrounded by high security palisade fencing and an appropriate landscaping plan to ensure there is reduced visibility from the vicinity.

In addition, Harmony Energy is keen to identify and support local causes that are aligned with its objectives and those of Perth and Kinross Council by linking them to the proposed development.